Your Ultimate Guide to Streaming ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’—The Finale You’ve Been Waiting For

Stream the Grand Finale: How to Catch ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’ Anime Series It’s the moment Western Pokemon aficionados have been waiting for—the concluding chapters of Ash Ketchum’s animated saga, finally brought to you via Netflix’s ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’ series. Read on for your ultimate guide to streaming this highly-anticipated finale.

Longtime followers of Ash Ketchum and his trusty Pikachu are well aware that their anime journey has come to a close, ushering in a new era for other protagonists. But rest assured, Ash’s departure from the series wasn’t abrupt or overlooked. An 11-episode mini-series was crafted to bid a fitting farewell to Ash and Pikachu—a series that initially premiered in Japan and is now at last accessible to Western fans.

When and Where to Watch ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’ Circle September 8, 2023, on your calendars because that’s when Netflix is slated to release ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master.’ Unlike the episodic releases for previous Pokemon series, this 11-episode mini-series will be available in its entirety for binge-watching right from the start.

The Tale Unfolding in ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’ After parting ways with Goh at the conclusion of the ‘Pokemon Journeys’ series, Ash embarks on a solo expedition alongside Pikachu. Along the way, viewers will see reunions with beloved characters like Brock and Misty and thrilling encounters with Legendary Pokemon such as Latias. This mini-series becomes a quest for self-discovery as Ash grapples with the true essence of his lifelong dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.

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