‘Barbie The Album’ Expands with Deluxe ‘Best Weekend Ever Edition’ Including New Tracks by Brandi Carlile & Ryan Gosling

Barbie The Album made its much-anticipated debut on Friday (July 21), boasting an impressive lineup of tracks featuring renowned artists such as Nicki Minaj with Ice Spice, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish, among others. Coinciding with the film’s theatrical release on the same day, the album has now been expanded into the ‘Best Weekend Ever Edition,’ treating fans to two additional captivating tracks.

The first delightful addition to the extended album is a heartfelt rendition of Indigo Girls’ classic “Closer To Fine,” delivered by none other than Brandi Carlile, who collaborates on this cover alongside her wife, Catherine Carlile. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling, who takes on the role of “Ken” in the movie, showcases his musical talent with a compelling cover of Matchbox Twenty’s hit, “Push,” now added to the soundtrack.

Mark Ronson, the executive soundtrack producer, along with Andew Wyatt, scored the original album. Initially meant to score only the opening credits, their immense talent caught the attention of director Greta Gerwig, who gradually entrusted them with more scoring responsibilities. Eventually, they became the sole custodians of the film’s music, putting in a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. Despite the intense workload, Ronson expressed that it was all worthwhile, as the film became a significant part of his life for a year.

With the film now released, the executives at Atlantic Records, Kevin Weaver, and Brandon Davis, are thrilled that audiences can experience the songs, including the newly added deluxe edition tracks, within the captivating world of Barbie The Album. Weaver remarked on the strength of the records, which can stand on their own but gain a whole new dimension when accompanied by the movie’s visuals and storyline. This unique fusion is expected to breathe new life into the songs and resonate deeply with audiences.

Overall, Barbie The Album has become a remarkable musical journey, boasting an eclectic mix of artists and songs that complement the film’s narrative flawlessly. As fans immerse themselves in this carefully curated musical experience, it promises to leave a lasting impression on both moviegoers and music enthusiasts alike.

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