Joaquin Phoenix Rules as ‘Napoleon’ in New Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix Shines as Napoleon in Spectacle-Filled Epic: ‘Napoleon’ Trailer Released

Prepare to be captivated by the first trailer of Ridley Scott’s new movie, “Napoleon,” where Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the renowned leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, from the era of the French Revolution. Vanessa Kirby portrays his eventual wife, Josephine, while French film star Ludivine Sagnier also joins the impressive cast.

The film promises to be a grand action epic, chronicling Napoleon’s extraordinary rise to power until his passing in 1821 at the age of 51. It revolves around his relentless pursuit of authority, highlighting his intense and tumultuous relationship with his one true love, Josephine. This journey showcases his visionary military and political strategies, which are brilliantly depicted in some of the most dynamic and gripping battle sequences ever captured on film.

The trailer concludes with a glimpse of one of these thrilling battle scenes, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats with excitement and trepidation.

Having previously collaborated in the iconic “Gladiator,” Ridley Scott reunites with Joaquin Phoenix, who earned an Oscar for his outstanding portrayal of the Joker in 2019.

Get ready to witness the mesmerizing tale of Napoleon when it hits theaters on November 22. Don’t miss the thrilling trailer below.

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