Fans Can’t Ignore the Dramatic Cosmetic Changes of ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Shekinah and Sarper

In Season 5 of ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,’ Shekinah and Sarper have become a focal point, not just for their long-distance relationship, but for their startling physical transformations. Shekinah, based in Los Angeles, and Sarper, residing in Turkey, started their love story miles apart. As this season unfolds, Shekinah takes the leap to visit Turkey, exploring both the country and the viability of her relationship with Sarper.

However, fans seem to be less captivated by the couple’s emotional journey and more fixated on their altered appearances. The prevailing belief is that both have undergone extensive facial cosmetic procedures, sparking rampant discussions on social media and Reddit forums.

On September 4, a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing Shekinah’s transformation gained traction when an older photo of her, pre-cosmetic procedures, was shared. The thread was soon inundated with comments from fans expressing their shock at her new look.

One fan commented, “She’s become unrecognizable. It’s like she’s assembled from a social media influencer kit, only without the charm.” Another snarky remark read, “If Shekinah and Sarper had a baby, it would probably come out as a Rubbermaid bin and would require a BPA safety rating.”

Sarper isn’t escaping scrutiny either. Separate threads dissect his seemingly surgically enhanced appearance, drawing quips like, “They look like they were created by an AI,” and “Both of them appear to be human incarnations of Instagram filters.”

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