Amrabat: A Remarkable Signing, Whether for Man Utd or Liverpool

When Sofyan Amrabat was a young boy, he used to leave home in his hometown of Huizen at 8 in the morning and return from training at the Utrecht academy at 8 in the evening. As he later admitted, those were “tough” days. But Amrabat never saw that grueling schedule as unfair. To him, it was a necessary sacrifice.

In fact, before boarding the bus back from Utrecht every day, he would look at Stadion Galgenwaard and remind himself of the goal he was working towards. “I was tired, but I knew why I was doing it: I wanted to achieve my dream,” Amrabat said on Fiorentina’s official website in 2021. “And I knew, even as a child, that working for that was really important.”

As a devout Muslim, Amrabat believes that “everything is preordained,” but nothing happens by chance – or without dedication. This helps explain why he is often found in the gym on his days off. During the hiatus in global competition due to the pandemic, Amrabat never stopped training at home. In May 2021, a video surfaced showing him working out on a trip to Riyadh – in 40-degree weather conditions.

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