xQc Douses Hopes of Owning a Counter-Strike Team, Cites Insurmountable Barriers

Streaming sensation Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel recently dispelled the notion of venturing into Counter-Strike’s esports scene, describing it as an “unreachable fortress” despite burgeoning interest in the game. In a discussion on September 5, xQc confirmed renewed considerations for a Valorant team, especially with the recent availability of The Guard, a team that has secured its place in the VCT Americas League for the next two years.

As anticipation builds over the impending launch of Counter-Strike 2, fans quizzed xQc about the prospects of him owning a Counter-Strike team. The streaming icon, however, was quick to shoot down the idea. “The Counter-Strike landscape is a labyrinth, way more complex than Valorant’s,” he pointed out, adding that entry would necessitate a significant financial outlay.

“In this hyper-competitive market, securing a team is a pipe dream. Overinflated buyouts make it a no-go,” he declared. “Esports is already a money sink, but Counter-Strike takes it to another level. It’s like tossing money into a bottomless pit. Not a wise move.”

Even as one of the most high-profile content creators with a staggering $100 million deal with Kick, xQc’s foray into Valorant has been met with mixed reactions. Social media platforms and Reddit threads are rife with references to his unsuccessful bid to sign the Turtle Troop, a second-tier Valorant team, earlier this year. KEG, a popular Valorant commentator and content creator, has even released a cautionary video titled “XQC SHOULD NOT Own A Valorant Team,” adding another layer to the debate surrounding xQc’s potential esports investments.

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