Man Utd Left with No Alternative but to Part Ways with Greenwood

It has been one of the toughest decisions Manchester United has had to make in a long time, and it took them a considerable amount of time to reach it. After extensive deliberation, they’ve finally decided: Mason Greenwood will remain with the club.

The issue has been haunting them since the forward’s arrest in January 2022 related to images and sounds released on social media. That post sent shockwaves to those who saw it.

“Anyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood really did to me,” read that post, accompanied by chilling audio. There were also images of a woman with blood dripping from her lip down her neck and images of bruises on her body.

Greenwood was arrested that night and immediately suspended from duty at United, though he continued to receive his full salary, banned from playing and training with the team until further notice. It was the biggest story of the day, and many saw those images and heard those sounds.

In the eyes of many, whether Manchester United fans, supporters of other clubs, or those indifferent to football, that should have been the end of Greenwood’s career at the club, right then and there. Regardless of legal consequences, there seemed to be no way for a player who was alleged to have disregarded a woman’s consent and assaulted her to return.

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