Surprising Collaboration: Viral ‘Cheese of Truth’ TikToker Teams Up with Terry Crews

In a peculiar TikTok series known as the “Cheese of Truth,” slices of Swiss cheese are unceremoniously applied to pages of text, and prophecies are gleaned from the words that the cheese holes leave exposed.

Previously, the Cheese of Truth provided nuggets of wisdom like “Your relationship will never end, ever” and “You need to realize you’re hot.” However, things have taken a peculiar turn, with the viral cheese creator now seemingly venturing into celebrity readings.

In the latest twist, the Cheese of Truth has set its sights on none other than American actor, television host, and former American football player, Terry Crews.

Nathan Kessel, known as ‘kessel_nathan_official’ on TikTok, recently shared a Cheese of Truth video that surprised many fans. In this video, the family consultant “casually” collaborated with Crews.

The video depicts Kessel approaching Crews with a slice of cheese in hand, uttering the words “Cheese of Truth” before unceremoniously placing the dairy product on top of Crews’ head.

The prophecy delivered by Kessel was rather unexpected: “You will be bald forever,” which left Crews feigning tears (perhaps his finest acting to date).

In the aftermath of this dire prediction, all Kessel could offer Crews was a simple apology, accompanied by the caption, “Terry I’m sorry.”

Fans and viewers were left flabbergasted, bewildered by Crews’ unexpected and bizarre guest appearance. When questioned about how the collaboration came about, Kessel offered a succinct response: “Yes.”

Viewers reacted with surprise, with one commenting, “The fact that Terry Crews basically allowed you to slap the shine off his noggin with cheese is blowing me away.” Another remarked, “That was not the crossover I expected.”

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