New Jersey Governor Open to Hosting Champions League and Premier League Games in US

New Jersey Governor Envisions US Hosting Premier League and Champions League Matches

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility of English Premier League and Champions League matches being staged in the United States, following the successful friendly between Arsenal and Manchester United in New Jersey. Murphy highlighted the potential popularity of such games, drawing inspiration from the NFL’s International Series, which has seen American football games held in various countries with tremendous success.

As New York/New Jersey prepares to host matches for the 2026 Men’s World Cup at the MetLife Stadium, Governor Murphy sees the potential for significant economic activity and impact, as well as a chance to showcase the rich cultural diversity of the state.

Drawing parallels with the NFL’s success, Murphy believes that hosting competitive European soccer games in the US could generate enormous demand, with overwhelming crowds and a passionate fan base. He appealed to UEFA, expressing his eagerness to have a real competitive game anywhere in America, with New York/New Jersey being an ideal location.

While UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin has hinted at the possibility of hosting a Champions League Final in the US, the precise timeline remains uncertain due to ongoing international competitions. However, given the growing popularity of football in the United States, the prospect of top-flight European soccer coming to American shores is an exciting one for sports enthusiasts and fans alike.

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