What’s the Buzz About the New TikTok Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea Combo?

TikTok has been buzzing with excitement over a novel Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea concoction. Foodies on the platform often share their culinary experiments, from watermelon fries to cheese-covered pickles. However, one TikToker’s recent beverage blend has garnered a lot of attention.

In a video that has gone viral, with at least 1.1 million views, a TikToker named Hisham Raus shared his recipe for Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea. But this drink has more to it than meets the eye, as it carries cultural significance in certain Asian regions.

Raus’s recipe involves steeping a black Lipton Iced Tea bag in a bottle of Sprite. The concoction is garnished with a lemon slice that’s crushed at the bottom of the glass, and of course, there’s plenty of ice.

While this jazzed-up Sprite beverage may be new to Americans, it actually originated in Asia, particularly Taiwan, where it’s quite popular, according to cookbook author Clarissa Wei. She also explained that cold steeping, the method used in this recipe, brings out the tea’s flavor gently without making it overly bitter, resulting in a more delicate taste compared to hot steeped tea.

However, patience is required as the flavor takes about 10 to 20 minutes to develop.

Raus’s TikTok video showcasing this drink garnered enthusiastic responses from viewers, with comments like “He knows what he’s doing” and “I have to try this, cheers.” Some even suggested their own variations, recommending cranberry Sprite combined with the black Lipton Iced Tea bag for an even tastier twist.

Raus’s viral TikTok video has inspired others on the platform to try this unique beverage, and it seems TikTok users are giving it their seal of approval!

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