Demystifying ‘Free-Bleeding’ on TikTok: Why People are Opting Out of Pads and Tampons

Every month, it’s that time again—the inevitable trip to the local drugstore for feminine products, candy, and all things comforting. However, some TikTokers are challenging the norm by embracing a ‘free-bleeding’ trend, putting a new spin on their ‘time of the month.’

The Rise of the ‘Free-Bleeding’ Trend

‘Free-bleeding’ is a relatively new TikTok trend, as Gen Z users share their unique approach to menstruation. While some may see it as a cost-saving measure amidst rising hygiene product prices, there’s a deeper reason driving this trend.

For individuals like Annette, ‘free-bleeding’ is a way to honor their bodies by abstaining from traditional pads and tampons. It’s about embracing the natural flow, both physically and mentally.

Some ‘free-bleeders’ claim that their periods have become lighter since making the switch, prompting discussions among experts. Dr. Amy Carmichael, a certified doctor, weighs in, saying, “Currently, there is no scientific research available to substantiate the claim that ‘free-bleeding’ leads to lighter periods.”

Dr. Carmichael emphasizes that ‘free-bleeding’ is a personal choice and should be respected without judgment. She states, “It’s essential to respect individual choices regarding menstrual hygiene practices.”

The trend has gained such momentum that TikTokers openly share their experiences. Annette, for example, mentions using “absorbable underwear” in public and adopting a more relaxed approach at home, referring to it as their “womb cave.”

One TikToker even reveals ‘free-bleeding’ while wearing a bathing suit, noting that the dark-colored bottoms concealed any potential bloodstains.

While some have encountered negativity due to their ‘free-bleeding’ stories, there’s a supportive community that champions the trend. Comments like “I free bleed, and everyone’s shocked when I tell them—makes my period less of a sensory overload” highlight the diverse perspectives.

Another TikToker expresses surprise at the positive effects, stating, “No, because tell me why my period is lighter and less painful if I ‘free-bleed?'”

Though ‘free-bleeding’ may not suit everyone, it’s considered a safe option despite the absence of traditional menstrual hygiene products. Plus, the cost savings on pads and tampons leave room for more indulgences during that time of the month—perhaps more chocolate and sweet treats.

As TikTok continues to challenge societal norms and spark discussions, ‘free-bleeding’ joins the list of trends reshaping how we view and experience menstruation.”

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