TikToker Keith Lee Calls Out UFC Fighter Sean Strickland over False Racism Allegations

TikToker Keith Lee Refutes False Racism Allegations by UFC Fighter Sean Strickland

Keith Lee, a popular TikToker with over 13.5 million followers, has addressed and debunked the racist allegations made against him by UFC fighter Sean Strickland. The drama ensued after Strickland claimed that Lee had engaged him in a conversation about race, during which Lee allegedly expressed dislike for white people.

In response, Keith Lee took to TikTok to set the record straight, revealing that the conversation with Strickland was already centered on race when he joined in with two mutual friends. Lee stated that the discussion initially started off as intelligent and productive. However, things took an unfortunate turn when Strickland made a controversial statement about his relationships with black women, which Lee did not find humorous.

Lee clarified that he never said he disliked anyone and simply disagreed with Strickland’s statement. He chose to respond with his pride in his family and marriage rather than engaging in ignorance. The false portrayal of their conversation by Strickland deeply affected Lee, prompting him to stand up for the truth and address the issue.

Despite contemplating whether to respond, Lee recognized the impact of the allegations on his family and livelihood, leading him to speak out against the false narrative. Additionally, two friends who were present during the conversation corroborated Lee’s version, refuting Strickland’s claims.

As someone who values integrity and stands against racism, Lee emphasized that his actions have always reflected his commitment to being a marketing platform for businesses and business owners of all races.

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