Unlocking the Mystery of ‘Rizz’: The Latest Romantic Slang Taking Over TikTok

Navigating the ever-changing lingo of TikTok can sometimes feel like learning a new language. With buzzwords like ‘chupagetti’ and ‘ratioed’ already floating around, now comes another trendy slang: ‘rizz.’ If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone—let’s break down what it means and how it’s being used.

Meet the Originator of ‘Rizz’: Kai Cenat If you haven’t heard of social media influencer Kai Cenat, you might be out of the loop on the term ‘rizz.’ He didn’t just popularize the phrase; he essentially owns it. And for him, it’s not just a word—it’s a way of life.

What Exactly is ‘Rizz’? TikTok slang is nothing if not versatile, often extending beyond the confines of the app itself. However, ‘rizz’ has a rather specific connotation. Think of it as the modern vernacular for impressing someone you’re attracted to—essentially, it’s your A-game in the romantic field. Although generally used by men to describe their prowess in charming women, the term is fluid and can apply to anyone trying to impress anyone.

Grading Your ‘Rizz’ Game: The W, V, and L Scale But wait, there’s more. Kai Cenat is so invested in the concept of ‘rizz’ that he even created a ‘Rizz Academy’ in July 2021 to refine his friends’ abilities in romantic endeavors. Participants are judged on a three-tier grading system: W for ‘Win,’ V for ‘Variable,’ and L for ‘Lose.’ If you earn a ‘W,’ it means you’ve mastered the subtle art of seduction.

Unpacking the Nuances: ‘Unspoken Rizz’ Kai Cenat introduced another layer to the term with ‘unspoken rizz,’ which is deemed to be “very rare.” This refers to those whose sheer physical allure is enough to captivate someone without even saying a word. Yes, this means you’re so irresistible, you let your appearance do all the talking.

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