Why Are Gold Glasses a Staple on Netflix’s “Love is Blind”?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why all the contestants on Netflix’s hit reality dating series “Love is Blind” seem to be sipping from gold wine glasses? You’re not alone, and here’s what you should know.

“Love is Blind” has captivated viewers worldwide with its unique concept: singles get to know one another in custom-designed pods, communicating solely through their voices. As the show enters its fifth season, slated for release in September 2023, a fresh crop of love-seeking participants are poised to enter the scene.

Audiences can’t help but notice that no matter the setting or the drink—be it wine, water, or even coffee—the show’s contestants consistently choose gold wine glasses. But why is that? Let’s delve into it.

So, What’s the Deal with the Gold Glasses? Chris Coelen, the mastermind behind “Love is Blind,” shared his thoughts on the signature gold wine glasses with Variety. His explanation is refreshingly simple: “It’s just a personal preference. The golden glasses are like a visual signature that says, ‘Hey, you’re watching our show.’ We’re documenting genuine, heartfelt journeys here, and this is a fun, subtle way to tie them all together.”

Moreover, there’s a functional angle to this aesthetic decision. The opaque gold glasses offer an advantage for seamless editing, as they make it easier to maintain visual continuity during scenes involving drinks; there’s no need to fuss about the amount of liquid left in each glass.

So there you have it: the mystery of the golden glasses on “Love is Blind” is as simple—and as complicated—as that.

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