Luke Bryan Refutes Viral Satire Site’s Claim of Requesting CMT to Pull His Videos in Support of Jason Aldean

Following a recent satire site’s publication claiming that Luke Bryan had asked CMT to remove his music videos from the channel in support of his friend Jason Aldean, social media has been inundated with the false story.

The controversy began when CMT decided to stop airing Aldean’s music video for “Try That in a Small Town” just three days after its release on July 14. The video had stirred debate as it featured controversial scenes of looting, protesters taunting police, flag burnings, and a convenience store robbery, taking Aldean’s song about small-town residents standing against such actions to a new level.

On July 21, the satirical website Uplifting Today posted an article with the headline, “Luke Bryan pulls his videos from CMT over Jason Aldean debacle: ‘Folks, it’s time for the Bud Light Treatment.'” Despite the article being obvious satire from the outset, mentioning humorous scenarios like the President canceling his CMT subscription and Billy Ray Cyrus writing a parody song, some readers failed to read beyond the headline and shared it on social media, particularly on Twitter.

Moreover, the story included a disclaimer at the end, clearly stating that Uplifting Today produces news satire and parody, and any resemblance to real events is purely coincidental. Nevertheless, Aldean’s supporters began spreading the headline on social media, leading to discussions within the country music community about other artists possibly requesting the removal of their videos from CMT.

However, a CMT representative confirmed that neither Luke Bryan nor any other artist had made such a request to pull their videos from the channel. Bryan’s publicist remained silent on the matter when asked for a comment.

In a related development, E3 Chophouse in Nashville, in which both Bryan and Aldean are investors, expressed solidarity with Jason Aldean by announcing on Twitter that they would not air CMT in any of their restaurants until a formal apology was issued, and Aldean’s music video was reinstated.

Despite the story’s humorous intent, the misunderstanding has sparked considerable discussion and raised awareness about the potential consequences of sharing content without carefully verifying its authenticity.

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