‘Ken’ Guitar Recipient: The Story Behind Ryan Gosling’s Gift from ‘Barbie’ Star

Park Jimin Is The Proud Owner Of Ryan Gosling’s Ken Guitar

In a heartwarming gesture, Ryan Gosling gifted the guitar used by his character Ken in the movie ‘Barbie’ to BTS member Park Jimin. Gosling noticed the similarity between an outfit Jimin wore in BTS’s ‘Permission To Dance’ music video and the one he wore as Ken in the movie. In a video, Gosling playfully apologized to Jimin and presented him with the Ken guitar, following an unspoken Ken code where he offered his most prized possession.

Jimin graciously accepted the gift and expressed his gratitude in response, sharing excitement for the release of ‘Barbie’ and thanking Gosling for the thoughtful gesture. The heartwarming exchange exemplifies the spirit of Kens supporting Kens!

‘Barbie’: Box Office Performance

‘Barbie’ has already made a remarkable impact at the box office, smashing records for the largest opening movie by a female director within its first week of release. With a budget of $145 million, the film has not only recouped its costs but has also crossed the $500 million mark, projecting even more significant earnings in the following weeks.

The audience’s response to the movie has been mostly positive, with many finding it empowering, featuring a powerful message, a stellar cast, and outstanding storytelling. As ‘Barbie’ continues its successful run, it is poised to become one of the most successful movies of the year and possibly of all time.

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