Whoopi Goldberg Defends ‘Barbie’ Amid Conservative Backlash on “Woke” and “Man-Hating” Themes.

Whoopi Goldberg Stands Up for ‘Barbie’ Amidst Conservative Backlash

Amid the storm of conservative criticism surrounding the movie ‘Barbie,’ Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg has stepped up to show her support for the blockbuster hit. In a recent episode of ‘The View’ on July 25, the Oscar-winning star passionately expressed her views on the film.

As one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies, ‘Barbie’ has made a significant impact on audiences, leaving Hollywood and various brands immersed in its pink allure. Notably, the movie has shattered numerous box office records both domestically and internationally. Despite its massive success, the film has faced its fair share of detractors. Here’s why Grammy winner Whoopi Goldberg has taken a stand against the ‘Barbie’ haters.

Whoopi Goldberg Stands Up for ‘Barbie’ Amid Criticism

In the face of criticism and mockery directed at Greta Gerwig’s movie ‘Barbie,’ Whoopi Goldberg has emerged as a vocal supporter. Numerous commentators and celebrities have expressed concerns over the film’s alleged feminist undertones and its appropriateness for younger audiences. However, Goldberg wittily countered these objections.

Responding to some conservatives who argued that the movie lacked references to family or faith, Goldberg sarcastically pointed out that it’s a movie about a doll, and such concerns seemed misplaced. She playfully highlighted the absence of genitalia in the characters, making light of the controversy.

The EGOT winner emphasized the difference in how children and adults perceive the film. While adults may see it through the lens of their own experiences, children view it simply as a colorful Barbie movie.

Addressing the critics directly, Goldberg encouraged them to have open conversations with their daughters about why they object to ‘Barbie’ and to explain their concerns honestly.

Through her remarks, Whoopi Goldberg has made it clear that ‘Barbie’ can be appreciated differently by various audiences, and she remains a steadfast advocate for the movie’s entertainment value.

Greta Gerwig Responds to Conservative Criticism

Amidst the conservative backlash, Greta Gerwig, the director of ‘Barbie,’ has offered her perspective on the heated discussions surrounding her movie. In an interview with The New York Times, Gerwig expressed her hope that the film serves as an inclusive invitation for everyone to join the party and let go of limiting stereotypes that affect both women and men.

Reflecting on the passion evoked by the movie, the ‘Lady Bird’ filmmaker expressed her desire for it to provide relief and resonate with audiences, just as it has for others.

Beyond the glitz and vibrant colors, ‘Barbie’ delves into pertinent issues such as sexism and capitalism, offering a thought-provoking narrative beneath its visually captivating surface. For Gerwig, the movie serves as a medium to spark essential conversations and bring these issues to the forefront.

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