Your Complete Guide to Catching Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Film: From Release Date to Ticket Details

The anticipation surrounding Taylor Swift’s groundbreaking Eras Tour is at a fever pitch, and now the pop sensation is gearing up to conquer movie theaters with a blockbuster film adaptation of the concert.

Known for her extensive catalog spanning 17 years and 10 blockbuster albums, Taylor Swift is an icon who transcends generations. With the Eras Tour, she’s shaken up the traditional concert formula by dedicating sections of her show to nearly every album in her discography. The special focus is on her last four albums, which didn’t get their own tours due to the global circumstances of recent years.

The Eras Tour has already etched its name in history, becoming the top-grossing tour ever and selling out stadiums globally. But if you missed out on tickets, don’t fret: Taylor Swift has another treat up her sleeve.

How to Experience the Eras Tour on the Big Screen

The cinematic event, aptly titled “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” will premiere across U.S. theaters and IMAX on October 13—playing off Swift’s favorite number, 13. Major cinema chains like AMC, Regal, and Cinemark are slated to feature the film.

Early buzz suggests that the film is poised to rake in an impressive $100 million during its opening weekend. Swift took to Twitter to drop the trailer and announce the film, describing the Eras Tour as “the most electrifying experience of my life.”

Securing Your Seat for the Film

If you’re eager to snag a seat, keep an eye on your local cinema’s website for ticket availability. For those looking to plan ahead, tickets will also be up for grabs on the official Eras Tour Movie website. Be prepared: The online ticketing process has been likened to the concert ticket rush on Ticketmaster, complete with a waiting queue and rapidly disappearing seats. In fact, New York City’s largest IMAX theater sold out before 9 a.m. today!

For international Swifties, unfortunately, the film is currently set for a U.S.-only release.

Swag & Streaming

As an added bonus, AMC will offer exclusive Eras Tour merchandise, including collectible popcorn tubs and soda cups. Although streaming details are currently under wraps, past Swift concert films have made their way to Netflix, offering a glimmer of hope for international fans.

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