What happened to Tony DiNozzo in NCIS season 2, episode 22 “SWAK”? The Mystery of Tony DiNozzo’s Ordeal

While NCIS is set to grace our screens once more, it won’t be delivering fresh episodes. Instead, CBS has opted to showcase some memorable reruns during its usual Monday night slot. The reason? The long-standing strikes by both WGA and SAG-AFTRA, which have persisted for almost 150 days and 70 days respectively. Among the episodes set to air is “SWAK,” which puts a spotlight on Tony DiNozzo. But what exactly transpired in that episode?

On a brighter note, the WGA and AMPTP have come to a provisional agreement as of Sunday, September 24, signaling that the strike may soon be concluding. This would pave the way for the writers to resume their roles, hopefully with the benefits they’ve earned. What does this mean for TV viewers?

While the timeline for new episodes remains uncertain, fans can revisit some beloved NCIS classics. Airing on CBS this September 25 are the pilot episode, the season 2 fan-favorite “SWAK,” and a more recent episode from season 19 called “All Hands.”

As for the details of “SWAK”—which centered around Agent Tony DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly—here’s a refresher:

In the said episode, the NCIS team is in the bullpen when they stumble upon an envelope sealed with a kiss. Thinking it’s from an admirer, Tony opens it, only to be greeted by a puff of white powder.

Though the team promptly decontaminates, Tony takes a severe turn for the worse, succumbing to the bubonic plague. He is isolated along with Agent Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), who, although unscathed, had been in close proximity to Tony at the time.

As the drama unfolds, the team identifies the sender as Hanna, a microbiologist seeking justice for her daughter’s sexual assault case. She dispatched the toxic envelope hoping that the truth would emerge in exchange for an antidote. Armed with this new insight, Gibbs manages to procure a cure for Tony.

Ultimately, Gibbs uncovers the uncomfortable truth behind the assault case. The daughter’s boyfriend had tied her up, intending to return with food, but died in a fatal accident. Ashamed, the daughter misled her mother, who remained in the dark until now.

If you missed it, the episode is accessible on Paramount+, or you can catch it on CBS this Monday at 9/8c.

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