Why is TikTok Reviewing My Videos? Frustrating Video Posting Errors Explained

Creating and posting videos on TikTok can be a laborious process, demanding meticulous attention to details like timing and background. However, sometimes things can go awry, and TikTok errors, while rare, can be frustrating.

Lately, many users have noticed an increase in their videos undergoing review on TikTok, leading to slower uploads or even failed uploads. Regrettably, there doesn’t appear to be a straightforward solution.

If you receive a ‘TikTok under review’ message, it typically signifies that something has been flagged, often for issues like violence, blood, or misinformation on sensitive topics. However, reviews can sometimes target videos that shouldn’t trigger these checks. Even Charli D’Amelio faced this problem back in February 2022, alongside numerous others who claimed their videos were unfairly put under review.

The root cause of this problem isn’t clear, and it may even be a bug. You can attempt to restart the TikTok app to see if the message disappears and your video returns to normal. However, if the issue is with TikTok itself, you might need to wait for them to address it.

A similar issue, the ‘video is being processed’ error, has surfaced around the same time as the ‘TikTok under review’ message, causing frustration for some users. This problem is essentially the same, where either your video or the TikTok app is experiencing issues, preventing uploads. This could be due to slow internet speeds or TikTok server problems.

Again, there’s no concrete solution, but restarting the app may help. If not, you may need to wait and see if the post eventually uploads. If it doesn’t, simply try again.”

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