TikTok Sensation Coco Bliss Arrested Following Viral Hotel Fight with Grace in New York

A dramatic altercation unfolded in New York City on September 6, 2023, between prominent TikTok creators Coco Bliss and Grace, resulting in Coco’s arrest.

Coco Bliss and Grace, both TikTok sensations with substantial followings, had an ongoing feud that escalated when they coincidentally found themselves staying at the same hotel in the city. Coco, who is also a music artist and OnlyFans creator, boasts 3 million followers, while Grace has slightly over one million.

The dispute allegedly began when Coco entered an elevator while Grace was exiting. According to Coco, Grace attempted to mock her by pulling out her phone, prompting Coco to knock the phone from her hand, sparking a physical altercation.

Fans first became aware of the fight when Grace posted a video holding a piece of a red wig with the caption: “Guess who.” This sparked speculation as Coco had worn a red wig in a TikTok video just before Grace’s post.

Videos of their scuffle emerged online, with Coco sharing footage on TikTok, showing the two engaging in a WWE-style brawl in front of the elevator. Additional clips depicted Coco with a noticeable cut on her forehead and her wig missing, while others showed Grace threatening legal action.

In response, Coco appeared relatively unfazed by the situation, stating in a follow-up video: “All you did was snatch my wig and scratch my face, babe.” She also explained that she was working on obtaining CCTV footage from the hotel to support her version of events.

However, it seems legal authorities took a different view. Coco’s ex-boyfriend, rapper iHeartMemphis, posted a video showing her arrest, alleging that Grace had contacted the police. An officer stated on camera, “Based on our investigation — we saw the video. She assaulted her,” seemingly referring to Coco. “That’s kinda all there is to it.”

As of now, no further information has been disclosed by either TikToker, but updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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