Zheng Hong Li and Yu Zhou Death, Cause of Death

Zheng Hong Li and Yu Zhou Death

In a somber turn of events on Sunday afternoon, the peaceful suburb of Riverwood, located southwest of Sydney, was rocked by the tragic discovery of Zheng Hong Li, aged 67, and his wife Yu Zhou, believed to be in her 50s. Responding to a call shortly before 2 p.m., authorities arrived at their Union Street residence and made the heartbreaking find: Mr. Li’s lifeless body was in his van parked in the driveway, while Mrs. Zhou’s was inside their home.

Zheng Hong Li and Yu Zhou Death, Cause of Death
Zheng Hong Li and Yu Zhou Death, Cause of Death

The couple, affectionately known to local acquaintances as “Park” and “Grace,” had been residents of the property for close to ten years. Despite their extended stay, they led a relatively private life. Neighbors recall that, while the couple was often seen, their interactions remained minimal, as they, like many in the vicinity, mostly kept to themselves. This tragic event has certainly cast a shadow over the close-knit community they called home.

Zheng Hong Li and Yu Zhou Memorial Tribute

Mr. Zheng Hong Li and Mrs. Yu Zhou were cherished members of their community, leaving behind memories that those around them will hold onto. A nearby family fondly remembered Mr. Li as an embodiment of hard work, while his wife, Mrs. Zhou, was recalled for her gentle and soft-spoken demeanor. One neighbor reminisced, “Mr. Li was a beacon of kindness. I would often see him during his daily walks down our street.”

The couple, who hailed from China, shared their home with an 18-year-old daughter, who is undoubtedly reeling from this tragic loss. Another local resident, reflecting on Mrs. Zhou, described her as a cordial neighbor who never missed an opportunity to wave during their encounters. “I often noticed her walking to and from the train station, given that she didn’t drive. Just last week, after returning from her job at an airport duty-free shop, she greeted me warmly,” the neighbor recounted. The couple’s daughter has since moved to Hurstville, and the community can only imagine the profound sorrow she must be experiencing.

As the community grapples with this tragedy, investigators have been meticulously combing through the couple’s residence, seeking answers. On Monday, forensic officers were observed departing their home with evidence containers, which were carefully loaded into their vehicles. The investigation, spearheaded by detectives from St George, has been augmented by the expertise of the State Crime Command’s Homicide Team. Anyone with pertinent information about this heart-wrenching incident is urged to reach out to Crime Stoppers, ensuring that the legacy of Mr. Li and Mrs. Zhou is honored with justice.

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