Tragic Loss in Charlotte: 34-Year-Old Arnoldo Perez Dies in Devastating Car Accident

Arnoldo Perez Car Accident

In a sorrowful revelation from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, 34-year-old Arnoldo Perez was identified as the unfortunate victim of a fatal vehicular collision. The incident transpired in the late hours of Saturday, October 14th, near the intersection of Central Avenue and Rosehaven Drive, according to the department’s official statement.

Initial reports suggest that the alleged driver, Yen-Hnu Mai Tran, was navigating westward along Central Avenue as he approached Rosehaven Drive when the devastating event occurred. This fateful collision led to the untimely passing of Arnoldo Perez, shocking the local community.


Law enforcement agencies are actively delving into the nuances of this catastrophic incident, fervently urging any individuals with pertinent information to contact Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. In light of the ongoing investigation, a portion of Central Avenue was temporarily sealed off to aid authorities in their exhaustive inquiry. However, up until this point, no formal charges have been announced, nor have officials elaborated on the underlying factors that precipitated this heartbreaking calamity.

As the community awaits further developments, our thoughts are with the grieving family and friends of Arnoldo Perez during this excruciatingly difficult time. Stay with us for timely updates as the investigative process continues to unfold.

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