The News of the Passing of Former Hockey Coach Lou Cotroneo and Obituary

News of Lou Cotroneo’s Passing and Obituary

On Monday morning, November 7, the town of Minnesota received sad news: Hockey coach Lou Cotroneo, a local ice hockey icon, passed away at the age of 92, leaving an immeasurable sense of loss for his family and fans.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Lou had a passion for hockey from his high school days. An accomplished goaltender, he was dedicated to the sport on ice for 20 years, including 10 years as the coach of his alma mater, Johnson High School.

The News of the Passing of Former Hockey Coach Lou Cotroneo and Obituary
The News of the Passing of Former Hockey Coach Lou Cotroneo and Obituary

Under Lou’s expert guidance, the Johnson hockey team achieved numerous accomplishments, including winning two state championships. Moreover, he played a pivotal role in the development and promotion of the sport across Minnesota.

Even after retiring from coaching, Lou continued to contribute as a beloved spectator for the Minnesota Wild hockey team, which he held dear.

Lou Cotroneo’s passing leaves a significant void in the hearts of generations of athletes and hockey enthusiasts in Minnesota. Nevertheless, his image and spirit will forever be a guiding light for local sports.

Coach Lou Cotroneo’s Dedication

Coach Lou Cotroneo made significant contributions to the development of ice hockey in his hometown of Minnesota.

Throughout his coaching career spanning over a decade, Lou poured his heart and talent into building a remarkably strong school hockey team. Under his skillful leadership, the Johnson team continuously achieved prestigious titles at competitions within and outside the state.

Moreover, as a dedicated and influential coach, Lou played a role in training numerous generations of young talents, instilling passion, and spreading the love for ice hockey in the community. After retiring from coaching, he continued to contribute as an enthusiastic supporter for the local team he held dear.

Lou Cotroneo’s contributions will forever be remembered in the history of Minnesota ice hockey. He lived an incredibly meaningful and proud life.


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