Ted Snell Obituary – Death: What happend to Ted Snell? Western Australia

Ted Snell Obituary 

On the evening of September 26, 2023, the curtains closed on the illustrious life of Ted Snell—one of the stalwart pillars of Western Australia’s vibrant and multicultural creative scene. He wasn’t just a friend or mentor; he was a beacon of inspiration who tirelessly worked to elevate the artistic landscape of Australia to national prominence.

Ted had an extraordinary talent for deep listening—a quality that’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. He had an innate ability to guide discussions in a direction that was not just interesting but also meaningful and policy-oriented. His influence added a layer of irrefutable credibility to the Taskforce’s engagements, making them not just a meeting of minds but a platform for transformative ideas.

Ted Snell Obituary - Death: What happend to Ted Snell? Western Australia
Ted Snell Obituary – Death: What happend to Ted Snell? Western Australia

Throughout the years, Ted passionately served as a champion for the arts, not just within the borders of Australia, but beyond as well. His outstanding contributions to the Fremantle Biennale will forever be etched in our hearts. Equally memorable are his endeavors with the ‘Walking Man’ exhibition and documentary—masterpieces that continue to resonate within the cultural hubs of Fremantle.

As an esteemed commentator on the arts for outlets like ABC radio and television as well as The Australian, Ted’s voice was one that people sought and trusted. Beyond commentary, he also enriched the literary world by publishing a range of insightful books. Additionally, he curated a myriad of exhibitions that poignantly capture the visual culture of Western Australia.

In these moments of deep sorrow, mere words seem inadequate to express the magnitude of our collective loss. As we join his family and friends in mourning the departure of this irreplaceable soul, we extend our most heartfelt condolences. May our thoughts and prayers offer some solace during these trying times.

For those wishing to express their sympathies, your messages of condolence and prayers will undoubtedly serve as a balm to the grieving hearts of Ted’s family and friends, especially at this particularly challenging juncture in their lives.

Who is Ted Snell?

Ted Snell was a prominent figure in Western Australia’s diverse and vibrant creative community. He passed away on September 26, 2023. Beyond being a friend and mentor, he was an inspiration to many and worked diligently to bring Australia’s artistic scene to national attention.

Ted was known for his exceptional listening skills and his ability to guide conversations in meaningful and policy-driven directions, thereby enhancing the credibility of any initiative he was part of. Over the years, he advocated for the arts both within and outside Australia, contributing significantly to events like the Fremantle Biennale and projects such as the ‘Walking Man’ exhibition and documentary.

Ted was also a respected commentator on the arts for ABC radio and television, as well as for The Australian. He authored several books and curated numerous exhibitions, particularly focusing on the visual culture of Western Australia.

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