Kenna Kobin Death – Obituary; Instructional Coach Fatally Stricken by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Kenna Kobin Death – Obituary

The Shawnee Mission School District community is grappling with profound sadness following the sudden and untimely passing of one of its own on a Friday afternoon.

Kenna Kobin, an instructional coach at Shawnee Mission North High School, was discovered lifeless in her residence on Constance Street around 1:30 p.m. at the young age of 32.

Kenna Kobin tragically passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning
Kenna Kobin tragically passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning

This tragic news has cast a somber shadow over the North family, as she was cherished by all who knew her. The school district acknowledges that this is an incredibly challenging time for her family as they navigate their grief.

Kenna’s family shared their heartbreak and celebrated her vibrant spirit. She had a deep passion for teaching and coaching, radiating positivity wherever she went. She had an innate ability to seek out those on the fringes, offering support and encouragement to everyone she encountered. Kenna empowered countless individuals to discover their potential, as evidenced by the heartfelt testimonials pouring in from students and colleagues on social media.

Kenna was a relentless optimist, consistently asking “why not?” and “how?” Her insatiable curiosity led her to explore the world, both in service and in learning. She was dedicated to personal growth and pushing herself to new heights, fearlessly tackling any challenge that came her way.

Growing up with six older brothers, Kenna learned early on the value of resilience. She possessed a unique courage, fearlessly confronting adversity with a calm and composed demeanor. While she didn’t seek out conflict, she had a remarkable ability to navigate it with grace.

It’s incredibly difficult to imagine life without Kenna, but her indomitable spirit leaves behind a lasting legacy that brings us some solace. We deeply appreciate the outpouring of support and kindness from those who have reached out. We kindly request your prayers and positive thoughts for Kenna’s wife, Katie, who is bravely fighting for her life.

Katie, Kenna’s beloved wife, remains in critical condition at the hospital. First responders determined that carbon monoxide exposure was the cause of Kenna’s tragic passing and Katie’s injuries. The tragedy also claimed the lives of two dogs and a cat. Authorities have ruled out foul play.

The school district has made support staff available to assist anyone struggling to cope with the profound loss of Kenna Kobin.

“While much of this tragedy remains incomprehensible, we can find strength in supporting one another during these dark days,” the district shared. “This is an incredibly difficult time for our community, but we can come together to provide solace and support.” If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Who is Kenna Kobin?

Kenna Kobin was an instructional coach at Shawnee Mission North High School. She was a beloved member of the Shawnee Mission School District community known for her dedication to teaching and coaching. Kenna had a vibrant personality and was admired for her ability to uplift and encourage those around her. She had a deep passion for education and a commitment to helping others realize their potential. Kenna’s untimely passing left a void in the lives of those who knew her, and her legacy continues to be remembered and celebrated by her community.

What happend to Kenna Kobin?

Kenna Kobin tragically passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning. She was discovered lifeless in her residence in the 9100 block of Constance Street in a heartbreaking incident. This unfortunate event also led to carbon monoxide exposure that critically affected her wife, Katie, who was admitted to the hospital. Additionally, this exposure led to the loss of two dogs and a cat. Authorities have confirmed that there was no foul play involved in this tragic incident.

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